Insurgent Theatre strives to connect performing arts with radical struggles, to make theatre that is relevant, engaging, challenging and useful for those who confront the US police state and global capitalist empire. We've been making original theatre since 2003 and frequently touring the country from 2008-2014. We are now entering an exciting new phase.


On Aug 28th, we will be unveiling a set of three exciting new online-based projects!

Read about why here.

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The new projects are:

1. A totally gonzo radio play
written by infamous anarchist
prisoner Sean Swain.

2. An internet broadcast of pop culture animosity
in which we review hollywood movies by standards
their authors never intended.
It's fun... and negative!

3. An illustrated high fantasy serial novel
that is about... many things we can't get into here without sounding pretentious and/or spoiling the surprises. Uhh... There's a dragon.
I feel confident that we can safely mention the dragon.

Come back after the 28th and the first peices of each will be here to see!

Contact us: or (330) 333-0826