We did it! We put together a play ripping on the US prison system and toured it around the country. We raised a lot of awareness, learned a lot from others, shared stories and ideas, and raised some money for RedBird Prison Abolition. We're probably gonna do this play a lot more, and continually develop and work on it. If you want us to come near you, contact ben at insurgent.ben@gmail.com or (419) 528-8169.

We still beleive in economic transparency, but don't wanna bore you with a lot of numbers. Here's a graph and here's the details if you want em.


East Coast!The tour reports for the most recent east coast tour are on RedBird's blog.

Florida Tour! The first tour of In the Belly was a trip to Florida in the middle of winter. To see all the photos go to this flicker account. We also wrote poetry. The goal was to write a limerick for each city and a Highwayku for each drive, but we got lazy and sunburnt partway through. Oh! and we didn't have a tour mascot, so we picked a new one each day. The tour mascot had to be an object one of us held in our hand for at least a few seconds.

driving south day 1

Feb 25th, The Birdhouse, Knoxville- Played in the living room of a large old house, converted into a community center / gallery. The kitchen is used by Food Not Bombs, upstairs rooms used as art studios, and the mainspace hosts various meetings, concerts, workshops and other activities. ad seg, knoxville
The audience was about ten people, young white folks, some students, two puppeteers, one prison academic / union organizer. Becca opened the show with some Bad Heart Bull songs, then a timid banjo player played a few. The puppeteers offered us a sci-fi challenge! People donated $57, we crashed in the venue, ate frozen FNB pastries, and got up at 3:45 am for our 9 hour drive to an afternoon show in Tallahassee.
The discussion featured- pizza guy immediately commenting on the nudity, the union organizer's enthusiasm for the show and horrifying stories about prison from her close friend who's been in (later she lent us some books on prisons). A young man in a brown shirt asked for specific examples of how to do restorative justice / accountability. We talked about Peter Gelderloos' examples. One of the puppeteers wanted more resources or action suggestions from us. A student activist said she was moved to pay more attention to the prison system. A couple people who'd been in prison or jail, or had friends inside said they appreciated the accuracy of our depiction. We passed around a letter written to Saddique.
Global food crisis
luxurious dumpster snacks
it's getting warmer
Ad Seg played a show at Birdhouse
treacherous hippies! those sell-outs!
lets go to their lawns
and piss til they're gone
that'll teach em to sell your house!
Mascot: Dirty $2 Clown (found in an alley).

anarchist dreamland?
Feb 26th, Fresh Fest, Tallahasee- Fresh Fest is a punk music festival with some workshops and lots of bands. We played at the "Railroad Square Art Park" (i.e. a bunch of tin warehouses converted to art studios and shops). Mad max hippie commune mall. The space was a small well-used studio with cement floors. Due to our limited time slot we skipped the puppet show. People packed into the room, and the show went allright despite our sleep-deprivation. Unfortunately, only about 25 people fit in the room, and there was a rotating overflow of people who wanted to see the show. We got $26 in the donation jar and $80 from the fest - a combined $106. ill fuck you and then ill eat youAte a half price dinner at a black Israelite vegan cult restaurant, tried to sleep in a field until assaulted by naked pond jumpers, and ended up back in the warehouse on the hard floor under the many-breasted mantis.
The discussion - The people who stayed around for discussion were mostly young, white male anarcho-punks. There was an older gentleman, one young woman, and a few who may have identified as people of color. Most people seemed down with the idea of prison abolition, and we had several suggestions about what to include in our statistics. The older gentleman talked about how prison is a threat to all people who want to take political action. Some people had served time and appreciated that we included nudity/strip search. We wrote a letter to Bomani.
we learned about love
love isn't always on time
double donkey dick
we woke at a quarter til four
and left our warm nests on the floor
then drove in the dark
hung out in a park
and can't wait to get to the shore
Mascot: Decomposed Fake Flower (found in a cemetary)

cmc, gainsville
Feb 27th, Civic Media Center, Gainesville- The Civic Media Center is a HUUUGE infoshop near downtown Gainesville. It's a radical library, meeting place for various organizations (fact check) and DIY venue.
We performed with Peoples' Poets and Prophet of What. There were about 25 people there, and it was our most diverse audience with a range of ages (3 people who were 50 or older, a few in the 30-40 age range) and races (about 5 people of color). We made $63 at the door, $23 of which went to the CMC, and we made $32 at the merch table. Stayed at the Circle A ranch with Jimmy. Visited Payne's Praire with piles of alligators. warmth!
The discussion - We talked about the relationship between prison abolition and reform, along with the challenges of rehabilitation and reentry. Someone talked about their experineces with rehabilitation work. An older gentleman was one of the founders of Critical Resistance in Gainesville (a large prison abolition group with chapters around the country). He also asked us where we thought prisons were going given the trends we described. Becca gave a good description of how to deal with sexual assault outside of the prison system. A couple people shared their experiences from inside prison, and we got our first Jeffrey Dahmer question. Yippee!
spank blank thanks flank cow
horse manure xylophone
If Jeffery Dahmer was free
how much less safe would we be?
We'd live on a ranch
Climb out on a branch
and count all the gators we'd see
Mascot: Vibra Baar (found at a rest stop)

the equines sarasota
Feb 28th, house show, Sarasota- The venue was the garage of a beach house with a giant avocado tree in the yard. It was a party atmosphere with lots of people from the nearby art school. Our performance followed three bands, all of which had at least one female member. We went on at the early hour of 12 AM, about 25 people filled the space to watch us. ad seg sarasota Everyone was younger than 30, and there was one person of color.
Discussion - There were some folks very interested in critiquing asthetic aspects of the play (length, reptetiveness, character & narative, dumbing down messages for 'more close-minded' audiences). Others in the audience seemed to reject these aesthetic concerns and brought up personal experiences and stories from prison. We stayed with a pug dog.
We played a show in your garage
The feedback came in a barrage
awesome bands played
we're glad people stayed
we hope this was not a mirage
Mascot: organic shuttlecock (found under a tree full of em)

group shot
Mar 1st, Vegan Ice Cream Shop called, inventively, Cool Hand Luc's- Before getting to the venue we got caught in the net of touristville (aka Fort Myers beach). Killed time with lots of board games at the venue, a walk in spitting rain, and burritos. The opening band was named Panzram, who was an infamous prisoner early 1900's. On average, this was probably our youngest crowd. There were a few people of color. ad seg at cool hand lucs
Discussion - The discussion focused on skepticism about prison abolition. Becca talked with one woman afterwards about the intersections of juvenile detention, education, and torture. The same woman is interested in starting a books to prisoners group in Fort Myers. Ben chatted with a couple teachers about union busting going on in Florida, Wisconsin, and Ohio. Stayed at Luc's economy one-room apartment and ate some damn good non-vegan pizza.
We took off our clothes in your shop
The music was great and made us hop
punk rock ice cream
oh what a dream
we hope that you never stop!
Mascot: Jabba the Pug (woke us up in the morning)

record store mural
Mar 2nd, Sweat Records, Miami- Played in a record store in a Haitian neighborhood who didn't seem to serve that population at all. Seven people came to the show, more than half of whom were people of color. The Paper Dolls opened with some delicate guitar work, acoustic latin folk-metal. shower & strip search
Discussion- a young woman shared much skepticism about prison abolition or alternatives to prison. We talked a lot about the systemic relationships between prison, education, capitalism and the mental health industry. We were advised to hire two bodyguards for our tour, and Becca gave a man on the street a new reason to live.
We crashed with some awesome traveling punks who told us where to get the best food in various cities accross the US, and that Miami is the best city in the country. Then we got some amazing Cuban breakfast, with extreme caffination, and hit the beach.
We drove through the glades
encroaching development
but it's just a swa-amp
Our show was in north east Miami
Our performance merits a grammy
The Staples was crap
and Hope is a trap
Chatted with squatters in jammies
Mascot: Cuddle Buddy (found on a chair)

palm beach, fl
Mar 3rd, The Night Heron Grassroots activist center, Lake Worth- It's the new home of Earth First Journal. There were around 20 people at the show, including several who had seen Ulysses Crewman. There was a handful of older folks (two people in their 50's, and 2-3 people who were 30-40 years old), at least two people of color, one puppeteer, and a number of people who had close experience with jail. Many people were dedicated to the issue, including prison ablitionists, and one person who had worked extensively with restorative justice. Becca sang a few songs as people came in. Luckily no trains went by during our performance because the venue is right next to the tracks. We came out with $120.
predator in the garden Discussion - A lot of people talked about their experiences with jail/prison. It seemed like most people were on board with the idea of prison abolition. One gentleman who had spent 9 months in a military prison was close to tears when he talked about the play. Some people brought artwork that had been made by prisoners.
We stayed at a great house with a garden jungle bursting with fruit trees and chickens. You can garden even in February in Florida.
We stayed in your room that is blue
We wish you were someone we knew
your accordions
the chickens and wind
made us feel welcome, Canew!
Mascot: Ft Pierce Utilities Authory Patch (found in the parking lot)

double rainbow: the only good thing about orlando

March 4th, Stardust Cafe, Orlando- The show fell through for a number of reasons, one of which included someone's birthday party. We thought she might not appreciate the tone of our play, nor would the small child running around. We made $2 in pity money and took a banana cupcake from the birthday girl.
Magical Staples
Our grand plans for the future
oh, look! A rainbow
Goddamn you shithole Orlando
Didn't turn out like we planned-o
Happy Birthday to you
These hotels are so few
Do you wanna stay here ohhellno
Mascot: broken palm beach seal tile (also a parking lot)

tiny punk house athens ga
March 5th, punk house, Athens, Georgia- We played in a tiny punk house that was plush with stuffed animals fastened to the ceiling among crowd surfing sneaker marks. There were lots of people at the show, but the room was so small that not everyone could fit in. It was a party atmosphere with three bands playing after us. About 25 college kids stuffed in the room to see us, while 20 others stood outside on the porch (little did they know, we were taking off our clothes inside). We made $26.
ad seg athens Discussion - Kate and Ben went outside for the discussion, while Becca and Wes hastily tore down the set so the next band could play. It was raining, but people crowded around Ben and Kate like pigeons in the rain. The discussion was different than any so far because it was more abstract and academic, rather than experiental. Guess it makes sense, we were in a college town...
Stayed with kick butt Clarabelle and ate lots of scrumptious jumbalaya and ice cream.
We ate some great jambalaya
didn't get to lie on la playa
a bagel we had
the money we grabbed
we cleansed our cards over the fire (pronounced fyie-ya)
Mascot: Shakey the Dog (okay, we didn't hold him in our hand, but we wanted to!)

rosetta's kitchen asheville
March 6th, Rosetta's Cafe, Asheville- Rosetta's is a vegan cafe, but also functions as a venue. Most of the people there were involved with Transmission Prison Project, which is a group that sends books and letters to LGBTQI prisoners. There were trans and genderqueer people present, along with a couple older folks. One gentleman did work in prisons with AIDS testing. All the people there seemed to be white. We made $52.08. too many clothes
discussion - People seemed a little quieter and more knowledgable than previous places, so we did a 'go-around' about people's relation to prison work. We drove home that night through the foggy snowy mountains all messed up on energy drinks.

Wed Oct 19th Lansing, MI
Gone Wired Cafe
2021 E Michigan Ave


9PM Thurs Sept 29th
57 Gay Street
9PM Fri Sept 30th
Kafe Kerouac
2250 N High Street
9PM Sun Oct 2nd
Villa Vilekulla
2623 Neil Ave
8PM Tues Oct 4th
Wild Goose Creative
2491 Summit Street
8PM Fri Oct 7th
83 Gallery
1038 N High Street
8PM Sat Oct 8th
Second Saturday Salon at Free Press office
1021 E Broad St

Wed Aug 31st Athens, OH
8PM at Arts/WEST
132 State St

Thu Sept 1st Charlottesvile, VA
8pm at Random Row Books,
315 W Main St

Fri Sept 2nd Richmond, VA
7PM at The Wingnut
2005 Barton Avenue

Sat Sept 3rd Baltimore
8PM at Whole Gallery,
405 W. Franklin St. Fl. 3
with Isa Leal and Sam Shea

Sun Sept 4th Philadelphia
7:30 at DangerDanger!
5013 Baltimore Ave, with Geppetta + tba

Mon Sept 5th DAY OFF! LABOR DAY!

Tue Sept 6th N.Y.C.
8pm at ABC No Rio
156 Rivington St
with Books Through Bars

Wed Sept 7th DAY OFF! (Mountains!)

Thu Sept 8th UConn, Connecticut

Fri Sept 9th Ithaca
8pm at Silent City Distro
115 E MLK drive

Sat Sept 10th Jamestown, NY
8:30PM at Labrynth Press,
12 E 4th St

Sun Sept 11th Hamilton, OT
8PM at Artword Artbar
15 Colbourne Street

Mon Sept 12th Cleveland, OH
8pm at 2909 117th Street
with Possibilitarian Puppet Theatre

Tues Sept 13th Youngstown, OH
5PM at Lemon Grove
122 W Federal St
with Dirty Little Secret

Wed Sept 14th Pittsburg, PA
doors 7, show 8, at The Shop
4314 Main St

Tue Aug 9th
Bloomington, IN
9pm at Boxcar Books
408 East 6th Street, with Decarcerate Monroe County

Wed Aug 10th Lincoln, NE
No show. Cops shut down the venue! Fucking shit!

Thu Aug 11th DAY OFF

Aug 12th-13
Denver ABC conference
Not a public event

Sun Aug 14th Denver
8PM at 27 Social Center
2727 27th st

Mon Aug 15th Kansas City
10pm at Club Mustache
221 E 31st St, with The New Lost Souls + one more TBA

Tues Aug 16th St Louis, MO
Floating Laboratories
4528 Ohio St, with Wonder Koch (video) &tba

Wed Aug 17th Urbana, IL
8Pm at UC-IMC
202 S Broadway


5:15PM at Filligrees
1121 Elmwood Ave
Sat July 30th
5:15PM at Filligrees
1121 Elmwood Ave
Sun July 31st
6:15PM at Rust belt Books
202 Allen St

Thu May 5 Madison, WI
8pm at Nottingham Coop
146 Langdon

Wed May 4th Milwaukee, WI
8pm at Borg Ward
823 E National
with Busybodies, Soup Moat, and Custodian.

Tue May 3rd Toledo, OH
8pm at Bozarts Gallery
151 S St Clair

Fri Apr 1 Cincinatti, OH
7:30 at Goetz Alley
1202 Main Street (enter in back alley)

Fri Mar 11 Columbus, OH
Solidarity Showcase!

Sun Mar 6 Asheville, NC
7PM at Rosetta's Kitchen
with Prison Tranzmission

Sat Mar 5 Athens, GA
At Plush Palace
with Native Kid, Mouser, Chap Stuck and BombsBombsBombs

Fri Mar 4 Orlando, FL
8PM at Stardust
Hurns no show, HURNS!

Thu Mar 3 Lake Worth, FL
At The Night Heron

Wed Mar 2 Miami
8PM at Sweat Records
With Paper Dolls

Tues Mar 1 Ft Myers
9PM at Cool Hand Luc's
with Panzeram

Mon Feb 28th Sarasota
7PM at 966 Alameda Lane
with The Equines, Mine Canary, more.

Sun Feb 27th Gainesville, FL
7PM at The CMC
with People's Poets, Prophet of What?

Sat Feb 26th Tallahasse, FL
3PM at Fresh Fest!

Fri Feb 25th Knoxville, TN
8PM at The Birdhouse

Contact us: insurgent.ben@gmail.com or (419) 528-8169