In the belly is where things digest, where they are broken down so their value can be extracted. This is where things are made to rot. If our society is a beast, its belly is the prison system. This work from Insurgent Theatre seeks to manifest imprisonment on stage, overlays it with critical analysis of the system, and follows up with in-depth discussion about abolishing prison in America.

Created in workshop by Weslie Coleman, Kate Pleuss, and Ben Turk, with assistance from Harmony Bench and Rebecca Riley.

Touring North America. Raising funds for RedBird Prison Abolition. Supporting prisoners in Ohio.

This show contains nudity, violence and other sad realities of the US prison system.

Contact info:
Ben Turk at 614 704 4669
Digital photos, interview and photo opportunities are available upon request.
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In the Belly takes the work we did on Ad Seg and expands it, incorporating lessons learned from Ad Seg audiences and from continued and expanded correspondence with incarcerated people.

We're also working from group readings of the following works: "Discipline and Punish" by Michel Foucault, "The New Jim Crow" by Michelle Alexander, and "Soft Cops" by Caryl Churchill, as well as others.

We've performed Ad Seg fifteen times, between Florida, Ohio and Wisconsin. See more info below, or on the tour report.

This is our kickstarter fundriasing video.

Ad Seg is prison slang for administrative segregation, also known as isolation or long term solitary confinement. Many prisoners are held in Ad Seg 23 hours a day for years on end.

Initial Exploration...
Ad Seg is an experimental workshop piece developed by the cast. It's an early form of a larger project aimed at dragging america's prisons into the light. At this stage, we're mainly approaching the subject with our bodies and our imaginations.

Imagined Realities...
It seems most americans relate to prison as an unmentionable aspect of our society, something we all fear and regret, but few of us want to even imagine. With this project we will discover and share our notion of prison life.

We like to produce shows on the cheap and focus on putting money toward people, rather than fancy props or high tech goodies. Profits from the show will be split three ways: 30% goes straight to the pockets of the performers, 35% goes to future touring of this and other shows (Insurgent Theatre) and 35% goes toward prisoner support in Ohio (Redbird Prison Abolition).

These are photos from our first tour.

Wed Mar 21st Louisville, KY
7:30 at The Rudyard Kipling
422 W Oak St

Thur Mar 22nd Nashville, TN
8PM at Little Hamilton Collective
1318 Little Hamilton

Fri Mar 23rd DRIVE DAY!

Sat Mar 24th Denver, CO
6PM at 27 Social Center
2727 W 27th ave

Sun Mar 25th Drive Day / Grand Junction

Mon Mar 26th Salt Lake City
7PM at private location

Tues Mar 27th Drive Day!

Wed Mar 28th Free Day!

Thurs Mar 29th Oakland, CA
8410 Amelia St

Fri Mar 30th Bay Area
You can book us! Contact

Sat Mar 31st Santa Cruz, CA
8PM at SubRosa
703 Pacific Ave

Sun Apr 1st Berkeley, CA
1PM at BASTARD Conference
Dwinelle Hall

Mon Apr 2nd Drive day!

Tues Apr 3rd Free day!

Wed Apr 4th Eugene, OR
7PM at University of Oregon EMU Fir room
1222 E 13th ave

Thu Apr 5th Monmouth, OR
6PM at Western Oregon University
DIY theatre workshop

Sun Apr 8th
3:30 at Law and Disorder Conference at Portland State University
Play + Lucasville Workshop

Mon Apr 9th Olympia, WA
7PM at Guest House
1121 4th Ave W

Tue Apr 10th Port Angeles, WA

Wed Apr 11th Seattle, WA
5-10PM at University of Washington
1410 NE Campus Pkwy

Thur Apr 12th Seattle, WA
7PM at The Wildcat
1105 23rd Ave

Fri Apr 13th Spokane, WA
details TBA

Sat Apr 14th Missoula, MT
8PM at Free Cycles
732 S 1st st West

Sun Apr 15th Drive day

Mon Apr 16th Minot, ND
7PM at Laughterhouse 5
623 10th st NE

Tues Apr 17th Fargo, ND
7P at Red Raven Esspresso Parlor
916 Main Ave

Wed Apr 18th Minneapolis
7PM at Sister's Camelot
2310 Snelling Avenue

Thu Apr 19th Minneapolis
4PM Lucasville Workshop at Minnehaha Free Space
3458 Minnehaha
7PM at The Exchange with Support CeCe!
3405 Chicago Ave

Fri April 20th Winonna
at The Burrow
713 Washington st

Sat Apr 21st Milwaukee, WI
7PM at Cream City Collectives
732 E Clarke St

Sun Apr 22nd Milwaukee, WI
7Pm at Riverwest Public House
815 E Locust Ave

More dates and tours coming!

Past tour dates...

Contact us: or 414 305 9832