The Dispatched, attends the March Against Monsanto.

1. Who is our ally?
A. The police officer whose job it is to murders and incarcerates people of color.
B. The protest marshall who turns lawbreakers over to that police officer.
C. The liberal march organizer who insists the protest cannot include “violence or aggression against property or people.”
D. The peasant farmers in foreign lands who are aggressively and violently burning monsanto's crops to directly impact their profit margins.

2. Which of the following actions is most violent?
A. Smashing the windows of a giant corporation.
B. Defending yourself when police attack you.
C. Shooting gaping bloody holes in the chest of the man responsible for adding hundreds of super-max torture chambers to Colorado's prison system.
D. Remaining lawful and passive in the face of an ultra-violent global capitalist empire that murders, enslaves and steals land from millions of people around the world.

3. Whose fault is it if children or the elderly get injured at a protest?
A. The police officers who injure them.
B. The cops who came to the protest armed to the teeth and looking for a fight.
C. The agents of the state with badges who maintain our corrupt social order using violent force.

4. Which of the following social movements was completely nonviolent?
A. America's 1960's Civil Rights and Anti-War Movements.
B. India's Independence Movement
C. The Arab Spring
D. American opposition to the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan ← this is the correct answer. (Cite examples of violence in other movements if someone chooses them.)

5. How did American opposition to war on terror work out?
A. It failed. Miserably.
B. We're still working on it, man. Just need those poor foreign people to hold out another decade, then we'll get all the troops home, I promise.

6. Why would you limit your protest tactics to those which have historically proven to be ineffective?
A. We are blissfully ignorant of the history of struggle.
B. We are blindly in love with the myths of Ghandi and MLK.
C. We are hopelessly self-absorbed and queasy about actually seeing blood on our hands.
D. We can't get our docile bodies out of this nasty proto-fascist neo-liberal late-stage-capitalist funk. E. We don't like winning.

7. How does non-violence protect the state?
A. Nonviolence is ineffective.
B. Nonviolence is racist.
C. Nonviolence is statist.
D. Nonviolence is patriarchal
E. Nonviolence is deluded
F. All of the above.

This provocation was video taped!