Artsy Survey

1. Art derives its value from:
A. piddy pitchers
B. signifier of elitism
C. challenging social norms and conventions

2. The most important signs of a vibrant art scene are:
A. bureaucratic management
B. corporate sponsorship
C. wild-eyed libertine radicals

3. Complete the following sentence... I buy art because:
A. it makes it me look rich
B. I have social obligations to my artist friends
C. it impacts my thoughts and my life

4. Artists who create for patronage... ie. grant funding from governments, businesses, or the ruling class, are:
A. stupid
B. shallow
C. scabs
D. lousy artists
E. all of the above

5. [Name of art event] is:
A. a great opportunity for artists
B. a boon for the city tax revenue
C. the new frontier of capitalism
D. a superficial imitation of culture
E. all of the above THIS IS THE CORRECT ANSWER

6. How much would you bid at a fancy art auction for a thought provoking performance-art survey like this one?
A. one million dollars
B. Okay, half a million.
C. a couple bucks.
d. my spare change, you lousy panhandler.