The Dispatched goes to 400 W Rich!

1. What is the best thing about a farmer's market?

A. They make me feel connected to organic food at outrageously high prices.
B. It's a wonderful opportunity to meet and network with exciting liberal people who I might want to have sex with.
C. They are mostly in fun neighborhoods where most of the ugly black people have already left.

2. What do you most appreciate about The Bottoms?
A. The rich history of... uh, something to do with livestock? I don't remember.
B. The table has mostly been cleared, and we can now begin the banquet.
C. I have no idea what you're talking about. This is FTON.

3. What do you think about renaming a place?
A. It's a great opportunity to get a fresh start and make the place your own!
B. Happened in the Phillipines, Africa, India, the Americas, and most other colonized places. That's just a coincidence, though.
C. It's an assertion of power, re-branding and claiming ownership of someone else's land.

4. What are Crispies?
A. A snack food.
B. Shoes that help you not slip on ice.
C. Not a real word.
D. Xtian hippes who pave the road to hell with good intentions.

5. What does "Going West" refer to?
A. A really fun party with stuff like Cowboys and Indians!
B. A cute innocent marketing gimmick that attracts more beautiful people to this neighborhood.
C. The bloody genocidal extermination and erasure of history of first nations people all accross North America.