An Election Survey for 2012.

1. Are you gonna vote?
A. Of course.
B. I guess.
C. Dunno.
D. Nah.
E. Hell no!

2. Why?
A. All my friends are doing it and I'll be judged if I don't.
B. I firmly believe that out-of-touch millionaires who've been bought off by rich corporations ought to be making my decisions for me.
C. If voting could change anything it would be illegal, and I'd rather be lawful than effective.
D. They'll give me a little sticker that says I'm good at democracy.

3. What is democracy, anyway?
A. A funny circus our corporate masters let us watch to keep us docile and entertained.
B. More laws, police, surveillance and control than ever in history.
C. The rule of everyone, by everyone.
D. All of the above... THIS IS THE CORRECT ANSWER.

4. What if instead of "everybody rules over everyone" we tried out "nobody rules over anybody" for a little while?
A. That's anarchy! :)
B. That's anarchy! :(
C. Wait... then, who's gonna control the blacks?

5. Kill, marry or fuck: Obama, Romeny or Ryan, which would you do which to?

6. Some people give millions of dollars to politicians, how much are you willing to give your humble fictional newspaper reporter, Rodney Block, for this fun and challenging survey?
A. One buck
B. Five dollars.
C. All the cash I have on me.
D. Where's the nearest ATM?