Certain people did not appreciate this survey. Certain people called Rodney "ain't nothin but a bitch" and threatened him. It was fun. There's a video.

The Dispatched on people and places.

1. What do you think about homeless people?
A. They are drunk and keeping my property values down, like total jerks!
B. Some of my very best friends are drunken bums!
C. Annoying, scary, probably insane and really REALLY dangerous.
D. Almost all gone, good riddance!

2. Who used to live in your house?
A. Oh, I'm sure they were just regular people. Pretty much just like me, y'know?
B. Crackheads or black people or something. Whatever.
C. A crazy middle-aged packrat cat lady.
D. How the fuck am I supposed to know that?

3. What would you do if you were kicked out of your house?
A. Couch surf with my best buddies!
B. Squat a vacant house for radical punk rock adventures!
C. Move back to my parents' place.
D. Hang out in homeless shelters, with my buddies!

4. What's your fav neighborhood in Cbus?
A. Dublin
B. Hilliard
C. Bexley.
D. Gahanna.
E. Delaware.