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The Queen who has No Name is an illustrated novel written by Ben Turk, and released serially as he works on it.

Ben is exploring themes of power, authority, and agency through this fantastical tale about a world-defining dragon, and the few feeble mortals who dare refuse her. It is about toppling towers, and burning desires.


Ben Turk is an anarchist, prison abolitionist, writer and performing artist living in the Red River Land within The Empire of the Home Ruler, imposed upon Turtle Island.

In 2003 Ben co-founded a radical theatre company called Insurgent Theatre, with various incarnations of that troupe he wrote, produced and performed in many plays for over a decade, touring exhaustedly for many years. In 2010 he formed RedBird Prison Abolition with some friends and began working on various prisoner solidarity and support projects. Please check out his work with Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain, Lucasville Amnesty and SupportPrisonerResistance.org. Please visit those sites, sign up for their email lists, and participate in efforts to dismantle prisons, and / or The Empire of the Home Ruler however you can.

As to creative projects, in addition to this illustrated serial novel, Ben is currently producing two audio-only projects with Insurgent Theatre:

Eating Bob... a radio play about sensless sex, gratuitous violence, and cannibalism written by gonzo anarchist prisoner Sean Swain.


The Haters... a broadcast of pop culture animosity in which Ben and friends view and critique the cultural products of capitalist hegemony.