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Everything relating to this project- writing, drawing, layout, website, and promotion, I am doing alone. I mostly taught myself all of the skills involved, and all my technology for the layout and online stuff is decades old, or borrowed and often slow.

If you enjoy reading The Queen who has No Name, please consider donating here to support its completion:

In addition to writing this illustrated novel, I am involved in a number of other creative and political projects. See this page for details.

In order to make space in my life for these projects I have forgone a career or financial stabilit, working shitty temp jobs and peicemeal labor for over a decade. My hope with The Queen Who Has No Name is to create something with low overhead cost (especially compared to theatre) which can reach many people at once (thanks to the magic of the internet) and thus generate income and allowing me to rely less on selling my soul cheap to a staffing company without sacrificing my organizing work.

If this plan does not work, I will stop working on this novel. So it's completion depends entirely on a combination of your and my generosity. I put many hours in before the first chapters hit the internet. If you do not donate, this story will languish and die incomplete.

Years worth of this story already exist in my mind, full of many twists and turns, side plots, unborn characters and an entire world that I would love to share with you. Please help me do so by making a small donation.

Thank you.