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10/3/2015- Chapters 3 and 4 are online! Looks like I'm getting these things out almost twice a month, which is pretty good.

I could use some help spreading this story around, if you know anyone who enjoys fantasy novels, or webcomics, or who reviews these sort of things, please share this around!

8/27/2015- Tonight this project debuts for the public, alongside Eating Bob and The Haters. Insurgent Theatre has always been an ambitious company, and we hope that this three projects at once approach will pay off. It's been a lot of work getting these things together, but we're looking forward to the joyful work of continuing to release new installments of each project. We hope you'll get all excited and so full of anticipation that you unhesitatingly support the projects, so we can see them through.


8/3/2015- Site under construction. The first two chapters are also being prepared, and will be posted by the end of August.