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WARNING: This is a podcast made by and for over-educated people of an anti-authoritarian persuasion. Anyone is welcome to listen, but don't be surprised if you find our views offensive, or just plain inscruitable. Also, we are not audiophiles and we believe in content over form. Low quality recordings with lots of background noise and fuzzy buzzy sounds are how we gonna roll until we get donations or audio-capable volunteers. Apologies to anyone with low tolerance for fucked sound.

Hatemail: Did we miss an obvious weak spot in the armor of captialist cultural hegemony in a recent review? Do you dispute our assertion that The Matrix and every other piece of shit Wachowski movie is crypto-Lenninist trash? Do you hate us and our pretentious opinions? Doesn't everybody love online feuds with strangers! Tell us all about it: insurgenttheatre@riseup.net.
Ohmigosh! You can even flame at us on the facevirus.

Who is this hating? So far it's Ben Turk and Firehawk Oh Yea, with occasional guests, but we always welcome more haters!

Think you can hate? If you would like to make a guest appearance on The Haters, contact Ben at insurgenttheatre@riseup.net or just invite him to go see a movie with you.

Tired of the tardiness with which new hate appears on this site? Sorry, we can get kinda busy trying to make ends meet while working to abolish prisons and do some other liberatory shit. If you donate, we'll be able spend less time working crappy jobs and more time creating the hate you so urgently desire.

Alternately, you can always go ahead and shit-talk movies with your friends anytime. Oh, boy! If you record it and send it to us we might even post it! (Including our own cynical responses, of course).

All donations go into the pockets of the people producing this thing. Thanks for supporting our efforts to survive in this antagonistic world!

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Episode Eleven: Goodnigh Mommy
Episode Ten: Crimson Peak
Episode Nine:
Guardians of the Galaxy
Episode Eight:
Green Inferno
Episode Seven:
Ex Machina
Episode Six:
Mad Max
Episode Five:
Inside Out
Episode Four:
The Visit
Episode Three:
The Man From UNCLE
Episode Two:
We Are Still Here
Episode One:
Mad Max, Fury Road
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