The Haters ventures far afield of your typical pop-culture drivel this time. We're going deep into the darkened territory of Austrian art house psychological thrillers!

DO NOT LISTEN IF YOU WANT TO WATCH THIS MOVIE. As a rule The Haters don't recommend our listeners watching any films, ever, and especially not watching a film after listening to us attack and spoil it, but this film is especially fragile. So, if you wanna see it (and get real uncomfortable cuz it's one of those anxiety-inducing artsy things) do so before listening.

Pre-movie excitement: 0:00-6:30

0:46 - woa Ben, back off from the receiver.

2:40 - cockroaches, blood, and fire, oh my!

2:57 - motherhood is an anxiety-inducing project (?)

3:30 - hopefully this'll be Haneke good!

4:30 - Firehawk gets excited by her political imagination freak flag

4:58 - Ben really, really likes protagonists who kill serial rapists and cops

5:30 - bourgie ski lodge family conflicts: GROSS!

6:15 - Ok, we're excited by the potential fucked-upness of this movie!

Post-movie hatred + ratings: 6:31-38:20

7:57 - bad twists are the worst...

8:20 - the whole thing is a goddamned cliche - enjoy the cliche ya artsy hipsters!

8:50 - Ben's friend was bored as fuck, I hope she at least got free trash popcorn out of the experience.

9:48 - twins are adorable, yea, ok. we get it!

12:40 - the explanation at the end for the confusing ambiguity throughout the movie sucks the energy out of the movie. but whatever. Let's talk plastic surgery!

14:30 - dang, this movie made us drained, deflated, and disappointed haters

16:40 - If you're living in ClicheLand, you should just stop! Unless you're making a demon movie.

17:38 - Firehawk gets excited about implicit Satanic messaging!

17:50 - Walking through a cave full of bones? YOU GET A FREE KITTY!!

19:00 - When you want to kill a parent (not really, but for your in your Satanic movie) make sure to superglue them to the floor and light a buncha tea candles.

19:54 - Before this movie, Ben felt one way about superglue. After this movie, Ben feels another way about superglue.

20:35 - We don't advocate that people use superglue to jam city-owned parking meters, even though superglue is REALLY good at doing that.

21:19 - Did these ding dong twins find a mass grave from Nazi-era Austria-Germany?

22:11 - Ben thinks that Hollywood and packing tape manufacturers are in secret cahoots conspiring to make us SHEEPLE believe that packing tape effectively incapacitates people who have been kidnapped. WAKE UP, PEOPLE!

27:30 - We get real about neurodivergence and grief. Sometimes ya gotta hang out with your ghost twin and that's okay.

29:38 - Hey, arthouse dudes: Can you stop using mental health as a cop-out to creating good plots?

32:38 - Hey you aryan-lookin' twins, why don't you care bout those bones?


35:11 - Firehawk wants to get back to the notion that this is a Satanic propaganda film, not some Nazi-ghost shit. 

37:40 - Arthouse dudes: "Hey, what's every single technique that's ever been used in arthouse cinema? Cool, let's do all of those, it'll make our movie cool and artsy."

Ratings: 38:21-57:57

39:50 - this movie doesn't match our political ideas and firehawk gets jaded by street marches

41:22 - oh WAIT UP. Is this movie a critique about the bourgeoisie's denial and inability to deal with mental health issues? Does this make it a little better than it was before?

43:03 - If that's the case, Ben feels okay about it and he feels okay about desserts.

43:37 - Satanic inversion of values and revenge. Again, Firehawk's theory holds up.

46:35 - A little bit of cop death. Not a lot, but a little.

48:30 - Moms get all the crap.

50:50 - we might be dense frickin' ding dongs.

56:35 - Don't go see this film!