0-6:52 Pre-game Chatter, in which Ben asks Firehawk all the questions, hinting at spoilers

-1:25 Q1 are you hoping to enjoy this movie?
-1:56 Q2 Do you think it will fulfill those hope?

-2:28 Hater's spoiler: we will be hating Ex Machina sometime

-2:33 Q3 what do you think will be offensive about this movie?

-2:53 Q4 is this the most offensive movie Ben has ever seen?

-3:07 Q5 what do you think this movie will be about?

-4:03 Q6 why do you do the haters? 

-5:01 Q7 what is the Shamalyan-esque twist?

-5:35 Q8 what is your opinion of precocious white children who appropriate hip-hop culture complete with misogynist lyrics?

-6:37 LEGAL DISCLAIMER: this statement should not be construed as a real threat to burn M Night Shamalyan at the stake. 


7:17-44:35 the bulk of the hate

-9:00 agism and ablism. 

-9:18 major twist spoiler!

-10:45 Ben's phone warns him of an imminent flood

-11:57 let's talk about insanity

aren't you so glad that the state protects us from mistaking homocidal
strangers for our grandparents. Thanks state! You are sooooo essential.

-16:08 the elderly as subject for ridicule

-18:36 the elderly as disposable

-19:51 Firehawk quotes Pope Francis

-20:25 scrutinize the parents!

-22:21 white children's misogynist hip-hop

-25:10 idealize the children!

-25:36 Firehawk HATED Ellen Degeneres in Juno

-26:32 why does this Indian American guy always use white families?

-28:26 appropriation again?

-30:25 reduce the children to gimmicks!

-34:23 Ben doesn't hate Michael Haneke

-36:00 instructions for how to properly throw your popcorn away at the cinema

-37:30 Ben starts out like he's going to ask a question, but then he just kinda talks for a while... sorry

-39:50 toona!

-41:35 just slap on a patronizing moral!

-42:40 "shouldn't we be pissed off at all the dads?"

44:35-52:10 The Ratings!

-44:35 good politics?

-45:10 Firehawk wantsta talk poop face

-47:55 cop death?

-49:31 unintentionally radical?

-50:09 identity politics?

-51:07 capitalist aesthetics?