Ben keeps his promise from episode one to watch and hate the first
three Max Mad films. These films start out almost fun, and then become
overwrought and shitty and then become fun again, but in a banal Steven
Speilberg kind of way. Basically, they are stinkers, over-all.

0-8:02 Mad Max: Original Flavor

be honest, Ben, it's not that you were bored, it's that you ran out of
episodes of The Office to binge watch before bed and hadn't yet moved on
to Attack on Titan. (psst... don't tell Gus, who highly recommended it
as the only good anime, but Attack on Titan is kiiinda a big eugenicist
nightmare, isn't it?)

-1:56 Wait, this is a movie about killing cops? Well, I'm sold!

-3:50 Art shapes reality

-5:48 excessive sandwich eating sounds

-6:05 cops getting their jollies

-7:04 did he just compare this movie to Jodorowsky?

-7:52 boomerang audio in reverse sounds IDENTICAL to boomerang audio


8:02-15:10 Max Max: Crypto-Liberal Wannabe Anti-Hero

-10:35 bring on the leather and assless chaps, boys!

-11:48 "why can't you just enjoy the man-love and be satisfied?"

-12:52 was Tute Bianche fashion inspired by Roadwarrior? You decide:



15:10-25:11 Mad Max: The Man who Bleeds From his Heart

-16:19 economic power v social power

-16:45 oil embargo metaphors

-18:43 diversity? 

-19:33 definite exploitation of differently abled people.

-21:51 Mad Max: All He Needs is Some People Skills

-22:51 yep, definitely exploitative

-24:05 Mad Max: Best Baby-Sitter Ever