Welcome to our special crushing the dreams of children edition! This episode we eviscerate the statist communalism of comic book heroics and goofball treatment of serious violence as featured in a movie from 2014 at the request of a mother who'se daughter LOVES the film. Listen, and enjoy!

00:01-5:10 Pre-trailer gaming

5:10-33:50 Hey kids, listen to us! Our hating is FUNdamental!

1:10 Shout out to our first donators!

3:12 Getting to the crux of kid's propaganda films

4:19 Wait, we are talking about raccoons with laser guns, right?

5:00 Ben finds hope in comic book banter.

6:46 Firehawk hates her students.

9:18 Hey, don't undercut genocidal drama or with silly jokes.

11:05 Ben breaks down the difference between dark comedy and black comedy. Dark comedy is for "shock value" at the expense of people's lives and black comedy is useful when you don't have words to talk about shocking things.

13:10 everyone is apathetic and nothing matters?

13:30 Did you know that Peter from the Chronicles of Narnia stabbed a lion?

14:27 Context needs blood and moral lessons are bloody. Don't get rid of the blood.

15:30 Guardians of the Galaxy treats violence like it's unreal.

16:10 woa, CGI is weird. but we guess it's ok for some people?

16:55 Anarchists and moral crusades...

17:30 Ben reflects on his 10 minutes of pistolwhipping fame.

17:55 Slipknot kids sometimes laugh at violence, but they know when to get real about things.

18:45 Firehawk wants people to stop pushing the tired myth that the youth of today are desensitized by all the media depictions of violence. Young'ns are disenchanted by structural inequalities and alienation, duh.

22:20 Provin' grandiose theories 'bout American exceptionalism.

26:40 A raccoon and a giant tree assimilate into the New Universe Order power structure; this can't be good.

28:00 Collectivism as it relates to the cop-version of John C. Reilly, no no no.

29:13 Firehawk gets soft about loving Groot, the tree.

29:30 Ben talks about the protagonist's charming white male entitlement superpowers and Firehawk makes weird noises

30:46 Firehawk: Hey, Hollywood! Make your awesome mix tapes more awesome, cuz she's not impressed.

32:32 Hey 6-year-olds! You do what the fuck you want!! You're 6 years old! But bring along your Patricia Hill Collins reader...

33:50-44:26 Ratings

34:43 Statist frames, nuh-uh.

35:00 Moralistic lessons are kinda ok, minus the cooperation with the elite power structure.

38:00 Prisons are gross. Prison breaks are sick!

41:35 Firehawk loves the donators and then gets called out for talking over Ben. Ben ruins the "moment."

42:00 To our dedicated listeners: we got you, boos; we got you.