Insurgent Theatre strives to connect performing arts with radical struggles, to make theatre that is relevant, engaging, challenging and useful for those who confront the US police state and global capitalist empire. We've been making original theatre since 2003 and frequently touring the country from 2008-2014.

NOTE: due to the prohibitive cost of touring and repeatedly going broke, Insurgent Theatre is currently not doing theatre. This will perhaps be a temporary situation. Below you can find some writing and podcasting we're involved in.

Here's more info about plays we've done in the past.

Here's some explanation about our evolution.


The Queen who has No Name, an illustrated serial novel analyzing power, authority, and liberation through an epic adventure in a high fantasy world, will unveil itself here one chapter every few weeks or so.
Our Weekly Broadcast of Unrepentant Pop Culture Animosity in which we critique the products of capitalist cultural hegemony by standards the authors never intended. Come, hate with us!
Thoughts, analysis, rants on the intersection of art and radical politics. Read and respond..
A 300+ page book of radical theatre and essays we had a hand in. Get your copy at Little Black Cart!.

Archive of our past projects. We've been doing radical art for 12 years!

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