These are some things we did between 2008 and 2015. For things done between 2001 and 2008 visit our old, slightly malfunctioning website.

Behind the Badge is a play about the american police force. We toured around the US and Canada with this show from Aug 2013-June of 2014, and like to think that we inspired at least a few people to up the anti in the ensuing resistance to police terror.
In the Belly is our experimental play about the US prison industrial complex and solitary confinement. Details here!See past dates here.

Presskit (PDF)

Ulysses Crewmen was an hour long radical minimalist play about kidnapping delegates to the G20. We performed this intense and violent beast over 100 times, and tracked the experience extensively.

Presskit (pdf)
Tour Journal

It Belongs to Madness
An Evening of Liberation Story-Telling and Anti-Repression Fund-Raising, which occurs live on a monthly basis in the city of Milwaukee, WI.
Recordings of the told stories will be shared online, though!
This new radio play by the infamous Sean Swain, is so chock full of senseless sex, gratuitous violence, and gonzo drug use, that it pushes the limits of even our tender sensibilities.
All the news you'll never read. here. Now on video. (absurd newsreporter street theatre confronting strangers' fundamental assumptions.
A 300+ page book of radical theatre and essays we had a hand in. Get your copy from Little Black Cart!.
An interactive look at creating theatre using collaboration, experimentation and tiny budgets. more info.
Members of Insurgent Theatre co-founded and maintained a prison abolitionist organization for years in the state of Ohio. The group has largely disbanded, but Insurgents continue working with prisoners and / or packing books and sending them in to Ohio's expansive gulags. Read about our matching funds variety shows: Solidarity Showcase.

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