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[the following in an excerpt from a larger piece]
Originally published 09/01/03 in Vital Source.

The Devil Made Them Do It...

So I get an invitation to review a play I've heard nothing about — and my spies are everywhere! I head down to Bucketworks on North Third, and get another surprise.

REVERB, a rewrite of Jean-Paul Sarte's NO EXIT, turned out to be creative and different. Three dissimilar people, after an untimely demise, have met with eternal damnation. Hell isn't what they expect though. Locked in a sparsely furnished room are the Punk Rocker/Anarchist, the Yuppie Lesbian, and the insecure Valley Girl. They fight, argue, plead, try to have sex, but whatever they do, it doesn't change their situation, which is very much their own creation. Hell is each other's company, forever. It featured creative multimedia production values and remarkable performances by Meghan Reid as Moranna, the yuppie lesbo, and first-time actor Darrel Cherney as punker Joe Garcin. I don't often find myself engrossed with characters I despise, and I got curious about the production company behind it.

S-Martkino is the twenty-something duo of Ben Turk and Tracy Doyle. Involved in the past in performance art and riot poetry (what's that?), REVERB is their first stage venture. So what exactly is S-Martkino?

Said Ben, "We're a bunch of entrepreneurial commies." From Burlington, Ben Turk is a political science student at UW-Milwaukee; Racine native Tracy Doyle a former microbiology student. Tracy has worked with Madison's controversial Broom Street Theater, and admits to being influenced by them. "Broom Street is not theater people" she asserted. While he had no previous stage background, Ben "... wants more people to come to theater, I think it's just an amazing medium to get your message across." For REVERB, they changed Sarte's original characters. When questioned, Ben began describing the play as a "... vulgarization, a tongue in cheek stab at those who consider Sarte a genius. He was, but all things should be updated. Sarte himself did not think things are sacred."

"It's a manic-depressive play, up and down, up and down," said Tracy. "We used the multimedia approach when the characters were describing events back on earth, to show they were lying about what was happening." Describing the odd ending, Tracy continued: "We wanted to end it with ambiguity — wanted the audience to wait for more. It makes the audience suffer a little bit, and that's nice, we want that to happen. The characters are in hell, but you're still alive, so you're a little more comfortable. We also used a porous fourth wall — when the door to Hell opens, you can see backstage. The question arises, is Joe going to leave Hell, or is Darryl going to leave the play? Which reality are we in?" She also revealed an odd detail. The after-play dance party they held every night never really took off. Something about existentialism kills the mood?

Talk about three boards and a passion! REVERB closed August 3, but more is promised. "We're thinking of a 'choose your own adventure play'," said Ben. "The audience decides which room of several they would choose to keep the storyline going." Keep me posted.