Context: Bureaucrats and corporate investors are relying on artists to revive the american economy. Their best hope is to replace the fading industrial economy with a "new economy" one based on tapping into and extracting value from human relationships, communication, and creative expression. In other words: art is capitalism's savoir. Insurgent Theatre strives to resist this role. We make art to serve radical struggles, art that is relevant, engaging, challenging and useful for those who confront the US police state and global capitalist empire. After eight years of producing original theatre and practicing resistance, we've been discovering new and deeper ways to make theatre for struggle.

Intention: This workshop will share what we've learned and open ourselves to further discovery through collaboration with other artists. It is primarily a theatre workshop, because theatre is what we know. But theatre can incorporate all other forms of art, so we've crafted the workshop to benefit people interested in every medium, from poetry to painting, sculpture, dance, or music.

Content: The workshop focuses on four areas:
1. Economy- how to experiment with alternatives to the unhappy economy of artistic commodification or patronage.
2. Medium- how to create unique, honest, blurry and enlightening relationships between performer and audience.
3. History- how to connect with a history of art-as-revolution and how modern artists often betray that history.
4. Content- how to approach meaningful struggles with personal stakes and critical analysis.

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